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Packaging Solutions

Our products come in various shapes and sizes for different applications. Our wide range of packaging solutions include Polypropylene Woven Sacks, Bags, Fabric Cloth and Fabric used in packing food grains, sugar, salt, seeds, cattle feed, fish meal, branded products, spices, pulses, dates, agro products, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, resin, polymers and rubber etc. We offer PP Woven Sacks, Bags, FIBC/Bulk Bags of different specifications.

Polypropylene (PP) Woven Bags

We offer a wide range of woven bags, which are used for covering a specified area. These can come with a lamination option that are widely used for packing the following items:

– Sugar
– Fertilizers
– Food grains
– Cattle feed
– Cement
– Polymers
– Salts

Regular PP Woven Bags:

Polypropylene bags are made from a synthetic plastic polymer polypropylene, a frequently used material in consumer goods and some industrial applications. This material is strong, flexible, and can be transparent. Polypropylene bags are manufactured for a variety of uses, but is less common than polyethylene, another plastic polymer and the most frequently used material for disposable plastic bags and packaging. Polypropylene is superior for bags that are meant to be reused.

Regular and Laminated Polypropylene Gusseted Bags:

The Polypropylene woven regular and laminated gusseted bags have the ability to stand vertically due to its unique construction. Also printing can be done on the gusseted portion giving it easy recognition when kept in a pile of bags.

Regular/Laminated Polypropylene Woven Bags with Liner:

Bags with liners are used when the particle size of the product to be packed is very fine making it possible for it to ooze out of the woven bag. The additional liner ensures its proper packing without any leakage of material. In addition, these bags also retain product quality & ensure enhance storage life. Our PP Woven bags are the traditional bags in this packaging industry due to its wide variety of usage, flexibility and strength.

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FIBC/Bulk bags

Standard Packaging Products

Our range of standard design bulk bags, also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), big bags, builder bags, tote bags, polyprop bags, tonne bags and dumpy bags, are the most cost effective and suitable type of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products.

Bulk bags (FIBCs) can be produced from either flat or circular woven polypropylene (PP) fabrics. These fabrics can be coated or uncoated and vary in weight depending on the requirements of the Safe Working Load (SWL) or Safety Factor (SF). A range of lifting, filling and discharge options is illustrated below:

Custom-Made Packaging Solutions

Not all of our customers can use bags from within our standard range of products. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers and develop bespoke packaging solutions to satisfy their specific needs. We can advise on the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions. From design concepts and samples to trial orders we turn your ideas into positive packaging solutions.

Most importantly, each FIBC is manufactured to meet a customer’s specific requirement.

Industries We Serve:

– Agricultural Markets

– Chemical Manufacturers

– Quarries and Lime Producers

– Dairy/Whey Powder

– Crumb Rubber

– Plastic Extrusion

– All Industrial Applications

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Graphic Design

Our team of professional designers have years of experience to turn your ideas and drawings into a reality. Our integrated approaches ensure that your designs are not only attractive to consumers, but technically reproducible no matter which printing process you choose.

Digital Prepress

Our graphic team can build your graphics for optimum reproduction during the printing process. Appropriate traps, bleeds and styles will be incorporated into your final product ready for reproduction. We offer different kinds of digital proofs to ensure your graphics will print the way you want them without the costs associated with an actual press run.

Flexographic Printing Plates

We offer mounted or unmounted photopolymer printing plates for the flexographic printing process. Our years of experience in the packaging industry give us the knowledge and expertise to ensure your printing plates are press ready.

Services We Provide:

– Flexible products & processes

– Faster Delivery

– Annual cost down solutions

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